FIFA – For The Love Of Football

The world of FIFA seems to be getting more bizarre by the hour. Last night, presidency hopefuls Luis Figo and Michael van Praag officially stepped down from their candidacy and arguably paved the way for yet another Sepp Blatter triumph. It is hard to look into the politics of football’s governing body from the outside. Nevertheless, the mere existence of politics in football is a rather sad truth. A sport so pure, poisoned by people so sketchy.

Much has been made of the the way in which the World Cup is awarded nowadays. It did not play out in FIFA’s favour that, with Russia and Qatar, the next two tournaments were given to stereotypical villains; oil money and such. Unfortunately, the reality is that villains of some type were awarded. If FIFA’s plan really is to develop football and support grassroots across the world, why not encourage the likes of India or Thailand to host the tournament. Places, where football finance is rather tight, but growth potential great.


As sad as it may sound, football fans and those who value the sport for what it really is will have to look away on 29th May, when the sport will be dominated by politics and dirty tricks. Hopefully, we can eventually get Bruce Wayne to run for FIFA president, so he can put on his suit and clean the poisonous water supply of Zurich, the most obvious choice for the world’s football hub.

On a positive note, those who decide to tune in will be treated to a grand battle of lies between a prince and William Tell’s evil brother. In other words, despite the shortcomings, FIFA still manages to entertain the crowds, just like weak Emperors used to do during the heydays of the Roman Empire.