Jurgen Klopp To Liverpool – Not Really!

With yesterday’s embarrassing 6-1 loss at Stoke City, we may have finally seen the last of Brendan Rogers. Considering the success of last season and Liverpool’s rather long term struggles and troubles, one might think that Rogers has plenty of credit left. Although fans may think otherwise, it is becoming incredibly hard to argue that the club are still part of Europe’s elite. Europe’s elite would not struggle that much domestically. If someone spoke of a club that has not won a domestic title in 25 years, elite would most definitely not be one the labels used.

Bearing in mind the above, Liverpool would arguably be more successful with a long term vision, which is something that Rogers still provides. This is a manager with a strong philosophy, a somewhat unique approach and at 42 years of age, he can still be considered young. Euphoria erupted at Anfield last season when then-genius Rogers took the club teasingly close to winning the Premier League title. Since then, things have not gone too well and the club will have to make do with playing in the Europa League next season.

Rogers’ situation has been made more complicated by the availability of another manager, considered a genius himself, namely Jurgen Klopp. The Borussia Dortmund manager is about to step down, with the German cup final his last big duty. Obviously, given the success Klopp has had with Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool’s senior management might find the German to be the perfect fit to finally take a significant step toward prolonged success.


Whatever the case might be, Jurgen Klopp will have to make a decision as to where he would want to continue his career in management. It is rather obvious that he will have a choice and that he will be the one in control of his future rather than any the media. The early signs suggest that he will end up at Real Madrid and that his imminent appointment by Liverpool is nothing more than empty media speculation. With the hashtag #KloppForTheKop trending on Twitter, there is even more evidence for wishful thinking, but Liverpool supporters will have to be patient and trust the man they praised so highly last season. It will not be a manager, but a successful transfer window that will ultimately send Liverpool higher.

As for Real Madrid fans, they can look forward to a great manager who believes in attacking football like no other.