Blatter Does It Again!

It is official. Sepp Blatter has managed to beat the system yet again and has retained his FIFA presidency. Arguably, there is little surprise about his re-election, although some might have expected an imminent change, especially given the most recent scandal FIFA has been involved in. Unfortunately for those who care about football, Blatter’s position within the governing body of the sport is rather comparable to Robert Mugabe’s, who has been Zimbabwe’s president since 1987. Blatter himself has been FIFA president since 1998 and has succeeded in gradually destructing the organisation’s reputation. Just as Mugabe rules over Zimbabweans like a dictator, Blatter somehow manages to rule over FIFA officials in similar style.

It really is astonishing to think that the international football community is an almost silent witness to Blatter’s obviously illegal presidency. As problems from the top normally trickle down and are felt elsewhere, this case provides a negative experience to those who actually care about the sport, not to those who rule. Essentially, FIFA could have the World Cup played at the North Pole, claiming that underdeveloped areas deserve an opportunity. The so-called football community might act shocked but would ultimately comply and travel north.

Sadly for those who feel passionate about a sport that seems to cross cultural barriers like no other, FIFA’s decision-making process is no longer only flawed but utterly dirty. As such, let us not get too distraught but instead enjoy this incredible freak show that Blatter and his minions have been treating us to for many years. Whilst football might be taking the backseat, the drama that FIFA delivers is reminiscent of comedy gold. So much so, that the next five years might provide even more unexplored territory. For all we know, FIFA might want to start playing football on ice, so let us sit back and enjoy the show.