Blatter’s End Has Finally Come

Last night, FIFA’s re-elected president Sepp Blatter finally decided to step down from his position, claiming that he does not feel as though, he still has the needed support from the football world. FIFA’s most recent involvement in bribery allegations has been well documented and it was obvious to bystanders that a change was needed. In this context, Blatter’s decision to quit is the first step in a process that will be on going until further notice.

Although the organisation seems to finally grasp the fact that they actually need to go through a transition, again, this is only the first step of many that have to be taken. From the outside it is unclear as to what the precise reasoning for Blatter’s departure is, as most of this drama is being played out behind closed curtains and because Blatter is such a talented politician, one would find it hard to get statements from him that would not be classed as ambiguous. The FIFA president made it sound like he was stepping down because he wanted to do football a favour, but the reality is much more serious than that; it was clear that his presidency was no longer viable.


As many have suggested, this is only the tip of the iceberg and we can expect more to be revealed during the course of the current criminal investigation. Although things are rather vague at this stage, the most recent event in FIFA’s 2015 calendar might trigger further changes. They may even go as far as affecting the forthcoming World Cups in Russia and Qatar respectively. Since the decision was made as to the location of these tournaments, many have looked at the procedure of awarding FIFA competitions very suspiciously. In addition to this, Qatar’s issue in relation to human rights abuse will not help the country in trying to retain the hosting rights.

These are intriguing and encouraging times for those who love the game of football and with the right measures, discipline and a little bit of luck, the sport might get back on the right track. There is a lot to be anticipated over the coming weeks, so it will be inevitable for every football fan to watch the space.