Shopaholics At Real Madrid

Yesterday, German website released some interesting data as to the amounts of money each Real Madrid manager has spent under Florentino Perez’ presidency. Given the very limited success under this president, it seems hard to grasp as to why the Spanish giants have not started looking beyond Perez. To further reveal the president’s tendency to overspend and underachieve, we have listed the managers that Perez brought in, along with the amount each one of them spent during their first summer in charge.

1999 – 2003 Vicente del Bosque

€119.25 million

2003 – 2004 Carlos Queiroz

€37.5 million

2004 – 2004 Jose Antonio Camacho

€53.3 million

2004 – 2005 Vanderlei Luxemburgo

€80 milion

2009 – 2010 Manuel Pellegrini

€257.4 million

2010 – 2013 Jose Mourinho

€93 million

2013 – 2015 Carlo Ancelotti

€166.5 million

In total, managers have spent a whopping €806.95 million on players during their debut season at Real Madrid. It is obvious that Florentino Perez is someone who likes to throw money at problems, but unfortunately none of his last six managers was able to win the La Liga title in their respective first season. With the already announced acquisition of Danilo from Porto and the potential signing of David de Gea, Perez seems to continue where he left off, ultimately ignoring the real problems and preferring to distract the Madrid faithful. It will be intriguing to see as to how Rafa Benitez will contribute to the above list.