Andrea Pirlo – The Man

Andrea Pirlo is an interesting character. On the pitch, Juventus’ midfield maestro is known for his extremely accurate passing, deadly free-kicks and the ability to run his team like the conductor of a world-class orchestra. The playmaker is indeed one of only few players who exclusively depend on skill rather than physical strength. Therefore, his age of 36 does not really seem relevant. Pirlo is truly unique and the way in which he seems to caress the ball, is reminiscent of Zinedine Zidane’s glory days.

Off the pitch, the Italian is arguably just as interesting, at least in the context of his successful football career. Unlike many who have made their journey into the world football, Pirlo does certainly not have any financial motivations in this regard. Born in the province of Brescia in northern Italy, the Italian international is the son of a successful steel merchant and as such, had never been under pressure to make choices based on monetary factors. In other words, Andrea Pirlo simply loves the game.

In addition to football, Pirlo is also a keen wine connoisseur, partially due to his upbringing. His grandmother used to have a vineyard in the Brescia region and the midfielder was introduced to the drink at an early age. As a youngster, he would visit his grandmother on a regular basis and even help with the grape harvest. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Pirlo’s own involvement in the family’s winemaking business Pratum Coller has grown over the years. So much so, it almost seems as though, the Italian will make a career out of it, once he hangs up his boots. The vineyard currently produces a rose, a white and two types of red, and sales have started to pick up in recent years.

To the outsider, Pirlo’s story is somewhat unique, but what seems to be certainly the case is that the man has class, not just on the pitch. It is rare that a player’s personality is reflected so accurately on a football pitch, but in Pirlo’s case, the difference between on and off the pitch seems minimal. This is a vintage player with a magic touch and we are sure that such will continue even after his retirement. Until then, we look forward to games such as tonight’s final, during which he will be facing off with other artists such as Xavi, Messi or Iniesta.