€69 Million For Raheem Sterling!

Football has truly gone mad! Yesterday, it was reported that Liverpool rejected a €41 million bid from Manchester City for young English winger Raheem Sterling. Regardless of how talented Sterling really is, if he ends up leaving Liverpool for the asking price of €69 million, every player should automatically be worth at least €20 million. If Coutinho, who is a much better player than Sterling, joined the Reds for €10 million, aged 20 at the time, Sterling should actually be worth much less.

German football database Transfermarkt for example, values Sterling at €30 million, although that figure also seems slightly exaggerated. In any case, it seems as though, Sterling is on his way out, having previously refused to extend his Liverpool contract. Manchester City is the most plausible option because they need English players and like to pay over the odds, although City’s chairman would like to think that the club are established enough to no longer be obliged to do that.

Whatever the outcome might be, the Premier League continues to baffle with arguably ridiculous amounts being thrown around and players like Andy Carroll appearing in lists of most expensive transfers. On the other hand, if Liverpool get what they are asking for, they should spend the income more wisely than the money received from last season’s Suarez transfer.