Fantasy PL – Top Value Midfielder

When it comes to setting up the perfect Fantasy Premier League midfield, finances will have to be managed intelligently, simply due to the number of players required in the middle of the park. Some might opt for four, a lot might go for a five-player line-up in midfield. When it comes to the type of player that people are looking for in this position, it is essentially a case of looking at those footballers who provide a decent amount of assists, or those who contribute goals on a regular basis. In this context, one might argue that wingers are a particular attraction, as they do both of the above.

As far as the upcoming Fantasy Premier League season is concerned, one particular player caught our attention due to his arguably low price. Gerard Deulofeu returns to Everton, where he had spent the 2013/14 season on loan from Spanish giants Barcelona. 19 years of age, when he first joined the Liverpool-based club, the Spaniard was one of the key components of Everton’s most successful season in years. The winger took on established Premier League defenders with no fear and ultimately contributed three goals and four assists in 25 Premier League appearances.

After deciding to return to Barcelona on the back of a very successful Premier League campaign, Deulofeu had to compete with the likes of Neymar and Lionel Messi for playing-time at the Camp Nou. This is a difficult task as it is, but at the age of 20, the above might even be harder. Ultimately, competing with established world stars during a season, when Barcelona were going through a small transition and aiming for a set of titles proved too hard and the young Spaniard was limited to only 17 La Liga games, one goal and six assists.

Although the above sounds somewhat bleak, the reality is that even last season, Gerard Deulofeu was incredibly efficient in the context of assists. Having only been given 780 minutes of playing time, the youngster actually produce an assist every 130 minutes. This figure is particularly impressive if one looks at last season’s top provider of assists in the Premier League. With 19 assists in 2,883 minutes of playing time, Cesc Fabregas managed an assist every 152 minutes. Arguably, one might say that the two players played in different leagues and Fabregas played significantly more, making his average more relevant. Nevertheless, there is clear evidence that Deulofeu is a great provider for his teammates.

In comparison to his Barcelona teammates, the young Spaniard does just as well in this area. In this context, Neymar managed an assist every 285 minutes, Pedro every 257 minutes and Messi every 160 minutes. Put simply, at this stage, the€6 million that Everton paid for him look like a great bargain. Similarly, Deulofeu is listed at £6.5 million in the Fantasy Premier League players sheet, a price that might represent an incredible bargain for a player who is young and hungry, and who returns to a familiar environment that provides the perfect stage for him to set on fire.

Although there are many exciting and intriguing options in midfield, given the above price and the potential of this player, the young Spanish winger is certainly one of the Fantasy League’s stand-outs this year. Any buyers are likely to benefit from a good amount of assists and some great performances.